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Heavy Duty Transmission & Hydraulic Filters

Heavy Duty Transmission & Hydraulic Filters 
Heavy Duty Transmission & Hydraulic Filters

Did you know?

Contaminated hydraulic fluid is the root cause of more than 70 percent of all hydraulic system failures.

Inline hydraulic filters on new equipment should be replaced after the initial 10 hours of operation. Hydraulic fluid has a high level of contamination during its initial hours of operation due to impurities left in the system during the manufacturing process.

In addition to contamination built in at the point of manufacture, other sources of hydraulic fluid contamination include: environmental contamination, system wear contamination and contamination introduced during hydraulic system maintenance.

Even new hydraulic fluid has contamination level higher than most acceptable levels for vehicles and equipment. New hydraulic fluid should still be filtered prior to installation.

When the hydraulic filter becomes dirty, pressure differential increases greatly, causing a bypass valve to allow fluid to pass around the hydraulic filter.

Did You Know?

The automatic transmission fluid filter may be the least changed filter on any vehicle. One of the reason for this is very few owners’ manuals list a replacement interval.

Clogged transmission filters can lead to obstructed fluid flow, resulting in shift problems, slippage, engagement hesitation and other malfunctions.

Good quality, clean transmission fluid transmits energy, cools and lubricants the moving parts of the transmission.

There are three basic types of media used in transmission filters, paper, mesh screen and felt.

The transmission filter is responsible for dirt and debris (usually from the wearing of clutch-plate linings) from harming the transmission. A clogged transmission filter may cause the transmission to slip only partially engage.

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